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pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-604.EN 14.07.09

Tharcisse Renzaho Given Life Sentence

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-603.EN 09.07.09

United Nations Extends Term of Office of ICTR Judges

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-602.EN 02.07.09

Nshogoza Sentenced to 10 Months for Contempt of the Tribunal

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-601.EN 30.06.09 Nine ICTR Convicts Prisoners Transferred to Benin
pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-600.EN 29.06.09

Final Submissions in Ndindiliyimana et al Case

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-599.EN 26.06.09

Setako Trial Closed

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-598.EN 22.06.09 30 Years Imprisonment for Callixte Kalimanzira
pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-597.EN 17.06.09

Retrial of Tharcisse Muvunyi Begins

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-596.EN 08.05.09 President Byron and Vice Preseident Khan Re-elected
pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-595.EN 06.05.09 Trial of Ntawukulilyayo Begins
pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-594.EN 04.05.09

Closing Arguments in "Butare" Case

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-593.EN 28.04.09

Closing Arguments Presented in Nshogoza Case

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-592.EN 22.04.09

Trial of Yussuf Munyakazi Starts

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-591.EN 21.04.09

Closing Arguments in Kalimanzira Case

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-590.EN 27.03.09

UN Under-Secretary General for Legal Affairs Visits the Tribunal

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-589.EN 02.03.09 ICTR Registrar Re-appointed by the Secretary-General for a Third Term
pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-588.EN 27.02.09 Continuous Support to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
  ICTR/INFO-9-2-587.EN 27.02.09

Rukundo Sentenced To 25 Years Imprisonment

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-586.EN 23.02.09

ICTR Opens Two More Information Centres in Rwanda

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-585.EN 09.02.09

Trial of Nshogoza Commences

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-584.EN 02.02.09

Appeals Chamber Confirms François Karera’s Sentence

pointer ICTR/INFO-9-2-583.EN 30.01.09 Three New Ad Litem Judges Join Tribunal