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Welcome to the UN-ICTR Procurement Section website. We hope that this will provide vendors with more information about us and business opportunities with our organization. Information about doing business with the wider UN organization as well as access to the most up date Procurement Manual and UN General Conditions of Contract can also be accessed through the United Nations Procurement Division website at headquarters in New York.


EOI No. /ITB No.



ICTR-EOI-09-008 Internet Services 10 July 2009
ICTR-EOI-09-009 Office Supplies and Equipment 3 July 2009


Under the Division of Administration, the Procurement Section is responsible for the procurement of goods and services in support of the operations of the UN-ICTR at Arusha and Kigali, in accordance with the relevant United Nations Financial Regulations and Rules. Certain requirements may be referred to the Procurement Division at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The goods procured by UN-ICTR include, but are not limited to stationery supplies, other supplies, office equipment, furniture, office automation, radio and audio-visual equipment, photographic, vehicles, motor vehicles spare parts, generators parts, reproduction, interpretation, communications equipment, food products, clothing and uniforms, petrol oils and lubricants, construction goods, computer equipment, pharmaceutical products, security and safety equipment.

The contractual services procured by UN-ICTR include, but are not limited to rentals and leases, maintenance services, printing, insurance, packing, shipping, freight forwarding, travel, catering, courier services, security services, remodeling works, cleaning and gardening services, security services, and other engineering, architectural, and consultancy services relevant to work of the tribunal.

All procurement activities are carried out following the guidelines set out in the Procurement Manual and are in accordance with the UN Financial Regulations and Rules. These guidelines are governed by the Principles of Best Value for Money, Fairness, Transparency, Integrity, Effective International Competition and in the interest of the United Nations.


The UN-ICTR maintains a roster of local and international suppliers and invites suppliers interested in doing business with the UN-ICTR to address an introduction letter to the Chief of Procurement who may request prospective suppliers to submit a supplier registration application package for evaluation.

Upon evaluation and acceptance, the name of the supplier is included on the UN-ICTR roster of suppliers and will be given equal consideration during vendor sourcing. The UN-ICTR also makes use of the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) as well as Supplier Rosters of other United Nations Offices. Suppliers who are interested in registering with UN globally are advised to visit UNGM.


The UN-ICTR procurement is carried out in accordance with the United Nations Financial Regulations and Rules, and contracts for the provision of goods or services are generally awarded to the lowest acceptable bidder after competitive bidding or calling for proposals, unless otherwise exempted, or the circumstances preclude bidding. This is all following the Best Value for Money concept.

The bidding exercise is carried out by soliciting offers using Requests for Quotations (RFQ), Invitations to Bid (ITB), and Requests For Proposals (RFP) sent by mail or by facsimile transmission to the selected potential suppliers, with all specifications of the requirements, the instructions, and the conditions for the provision of the goods or services, giving an average of two to four weeks to prepare and submit offers.

Depending on the United States Dollar value of the requirements, the offers are submitted to the attention of the Chief Procurement Officer, or in a sealed envelope package or by facsimile transmission addressed to the attention of the Tender Committee. As it may be determined by the UN-ICTR, sealed bids/proposals are opened and recorded in a public session. Bidders may be given a copy of the bid abstract upon request.

The main considerations for contract awards are compliance with specifications, prices, technical quality and acceptability, and compliance with delivery schedules. Depending on the United States Dollar value of the proposed contract, the final award may have to be approved by the Local Committee on Contracts of the UN-ICTR, or the Headquarters Committee on Contracts at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.



The UN-ICTR Purchase Orders may be accepted by the Supplier’s signing and returning a copy of it. Timely delivery of the goods is expected. The acceptance of Purchase Orders shall effect a contract between the UN-ICTR and the Supplier (the Parties) under which the rights and obligations of the Parties shall be governed solely by the terms and conditions of the Purchase Order, including the appropriate UN General Conditions of Contract.


The UN-ICTR shall have a reasonable time after provision of the goods/services, to inspect them and to reject and refuse acceptance of goods/services not conforming to the Purchase Order.


The UN-ICTR shall, on fulfillment of the delivery terms, unless otherwise provided on the Purchase Order, make payment by bank transfer up to thirty (30) days after receipt of the goods/services and copies of relevant shipping documents as specified in the Purchase Order. The original invoice is required for payment and must be sent to the Chief of Finance.


The information contained in this page is intended to encourage new vendors of relevant products and services to register with the UN-ICTR. Requests for expression of interests may also be advertised in local newspapers and on the UN Procurement Division website. The pre-qualification of contractors is carried out in the course of the bidding exercise for certain requirements as determined by the UN-ICTR.

Interested firms/organisations should forward their Expression of Interest (EOI) to the attention of the Chief of Procurement giving the EOI reference number and subject. These notices do not constitute solicitations. The United Nations reserves the right to change or cancel these requirements at any time in the EOI and/or solicitation process.

The United Nations considers a firm's qualifications and experience in the particular commodity/service area, and previous performance, when preparing a list of invitees. Therefore in the case of EOI's concerning equipment or supplies, for responding vendors who are not manufacturers, full details of the vendor's status as a factory-appointed wholesaler or distributor must be provided if not already on file with UN-ICTR. Thus submitting an EOI does not automatically guarantee a firm will be considered for receipt of the solicitation when issued. Please note that vendors must first be registered with UNICTR before they can receive solicitation documents. To register please complete the attached supplier registration form below and return to Chief of Procurement as per the contact details below.

ICTR Procurement Supplier Registration Form
Information on Procurement for Potential Suppliers
UN Commodity Codes


Chief of Procurement
AICC East Africa Road
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Tel: +255 27 250 4207 or +1 212 963 2850
Fax: +255 250 4000 or +1 212 963 2848

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